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Please review a few of our wedding highlight videos. We film with HD cameras and your DVD will be in Blu-ray format.  Thank you for your interest in
DTi Studios and we know you will love the work we do for you!
"It's easier to explain price once than to apologize for quality forever."  ~ Zig Ziglar

Brent & LaKisha McDonald this was an awesome and fun wedding! Thank you so much for allowing DTi to be a part of your wedding!
This wedding was shot with 1 videographer and 2 cameras.

Christa & AJ Tamburo. A wonderful wedding and an incredible family!
This wedding was shot with 1 videographer and 3 cameras.

Noah & Anna thank you for the opportunity to produce your wedding videos. It was a beautiful day. Congratulations and warmest wishes.
This wedding was shot with 2 videographers and 4 cameras.

Erik & Jessica Fort. Congratulations. You are a wonderful couples with great families.
Best wishes!!!!
This wedding was shot with 2 videographers, 3 cameras , Blackbird flycam & drone

Gordan & Hannah Hunter. A beautiful wedding and an energetic and fun reception!
This wedding was shot with 2 videographers, 3 cameras, & Blackbird flycam.

An elegant and classy wedding and reception. Congratulations Marshall Anne & Daniel!

Tom & Stephanie Mitchell your wedding was incredible, we wish you the best and are extremely thankful you allowed us to be a part of it.
What they are saying:

"Wow! The video is Fantastic!"

"The video is amazing and beautiful, and we can't stop watching it!!"

"Our in-laws choose DTi, and will DEFINITELY USE DTi Studios when our daughter gets married. GREAT to work with and GREAT product!!!"