DTi Studios

Our Background

With years of professional audio and video experience behind us, we're confident we have the technical know-how to get any shot, under any condition. But our real strength, and our real value, lies in our combined personal skills...creativity, persistence, high-energy, enthusiasm, passion, and reliability. And we'll add 1 more skill...our stealthiness! We'll get the great shots you never imagined, and we'll do it without anyone even realizing we were there. Best of all, we have fun with our work...in fact, we don't even think of it as work. It's an adventure! Your wedding or event is just as important to us.

We might not be the least expensive but we believe "It's easier to explain price once than to apologize for quality forever."  ~ Zig Ziglar

Meet the Shooters

Todd Galucki and David Robertson

Our Gear

All or our equipment is professional quality to match today's high standards, and very well-maintained...we take care of our toys!
  • 6 Sony HXR-NX5U High Definition Cameras
  • 1 Canon 7D DSLR
  • 1 Canon 60D DSLR
  • 1 Blackbird Stabilizer
  • 2 Marantz professional PMD661 audio recorder to capture audio directly from sound boards
  • DJI drone


Contact us

Call or email us regarding availabilty, rates or anything else. We'd love to chat with you about your videography and or photography needs for your wedding or special event.

Don't procrastinate! We keep busy, so let's you on the schedule.

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What they are saying:

"Wow! The video is Fantastic!"

"The video is amazing and beautiful, and we can't stop watching it!!"

"Our in-laws choose DTi, and will DEFINITELY USE DTi Studios when our daughter gets married. GREAT to work with and GREAT product!!!"